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Inspire and educate your audience with Jill Yesko, Certified Professional Organizer®, author, and professional speaker at your next event.

Jill is a diverse and talented presenter with experience as
an accomplished keynote speaker, masterclass thought leader, meeting facilitator, workshop leader, or trainer.


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"Jill was one of my favorite speakers from last year's event. I love her entrepreneurial spirit!"

Lisa Treadwell

"It’s not easy to motivate others to change lifelong habits. Jill Yesko is one of those professionals who exudes both the expertise and the heart that engenders respect and inspires change. With a human, approachable style, Jill engages the real-world issues of her audience, offers smalls steps to big success, and outlines realistic and helpful plans, tools, and tips.  She has my highest recommendation."

"One of the most challenging tasks as a conference planner is ensuring you provide engaging, knowledgeable, and qualified speakers. That is why Jill Yesko has spoken at The Photo Managers conference and specialized workshops on numerous occasions. She always gets rave reviews, and our member community knows that Jill will deliver.  Another highlight is the  level of credibility Jill brings to her presentations. She has walked the walk of a business owner and shares honestly about her journey." 

Bill Hull, Senior Living Sales Director 
Longwood at Oakmont

Cathi Nelson, CEO of
The Photo Managers


"Jill is a great presenter and gave us so much meat to think about when hiring and working with a team. I took away lots of good information and am happy to have this as a resource to refer back to again."

featured on Kathy Robinson's "the Athena Wellness Podcast"
"Simplifying as a Wellness Practice with Jill Yesko"

"We cover a range of topics including:

  • The types of clutter and root causes

  • The tipping point that moves people to work with a professional organizer

  • How to work through clutter overwhelm and avoid backsliding once progress is made

  • Actionable steps for listeners to tackle problem areas, including digital clutter"

"Compassionate Family Planning with Jill Yesko"

"We talk about:

  • Strategies to help families downsize in times of aging, poor health or lifestyle change

  • How to help clients navigate the grieving and change management process

  • Advice for children of aging parents

  • The importance of listening and witnessing the stories of our elders"

About jill

Jill Yesko is a Certified Virtual Speaker through the National Speakers Association. She has been the keynoter and breakout presenter at many national conferences, both in-person and virtual, for over ten years. 


Jill engages her audience with storytelling, interaction, and powerful imagery, all while sharing her humor and revealing true stories of resiliency, bravery, and empowerment.

Every speaking presentation offers curated and customized content for each audience and national associations have asked her to come back year after year to deliver new and captivating content.


Have any questions?

Jill Yesko
Jill Yesko

Visit Jill's eSpeakers profile page for more information, or email

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